Personalized videos are not a passing trend. The most recent marketing theme captures and piques viewers’ curiosity. However, how are these films used by small businesses? I’m delighted you’re curious.

To begin, it is necessary to understand that there are two types of customised films (and luckily, Gibson Girls Marketing offers both). Choosing one over the other is mainly decided by the intended use. Perhaps a narrative is in order here.

On A Massive Scale, Personalized Videos

Marketer A wishes to tell her customers through email about the availability of a new product or service. She maintains a list of those who have shown their willingness to receive her updates. Individual movies including the names of everyone on her list would take an inordinate amount of time (thus the requirement of GGM!).

You provide Gibson Girls with the list, and we make a video for each individual on it. The films are delivered to each person using their name, perhaps their city, and whatever other information Marketer A has acquired.

Each movie is sent to each recipient via email, along with other customised information.

This is an intriguing piece of content, and it generates considerable attention for Seller A.

This scenario is perfect for real estate agents, auto dealers, and insurance salespeople, as well as anybody else with a large list of people to reach via customised films.

These customised movies are distributed in batches in accordance with a recipient list. They’re ideal for mass email campaigns, such as sending a video thank you to a list of conference attendees.

Personalized Video Messages Might Help You Get More Cold Calls.

personalized videos

While we’re at it, bear in mind that targeted video marketing increases engagement, which is essential for sales.

Your sales personnel will be more productive as a consequence of several interactions with potential clients without having to spend a lot of time travelling back and forth and without sacrificing the personal touch.

Personalized films may be used to raise email conversion rates, promote landing page registrations, boost event attendance, personalise customer service, and increase customer delight, among other things.

How does Marketer B fare? I’m pleased you inquired.

Personalization Is Automated In The Blink Of An Eye.

This is a unique type of video in that it incorporates information about the viewer at the time of viewing. These are more generic for two reasons. To begin, they are designed to appeal to a broad audience and can only personalise to the extent that the viewer is willing to provide information about themselves while viewing the video.

Consider an invitation to a party over the internet. When you click, a page appears in which you are prompted to provide your name and email address. If you intend to attend the event, you will probably definitely provide this information. Additionally, you may include the name of the city in which you reside. However, you are unlikely to enter your spouse’s, children’s, or pet’s names.

It would be challenging to make a film in which he mentioned his wife Lulu and their dog Samson.

Individuals are less likely to give information unless they have a compelling urge to discover what lies beyond the door. Nevertheless, there are instances when less customised films are really useful. Domino’s Restaurants has had tremendous success with it.

Video Advertising That Is Personalized

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Domino’s increased engagement significantly and conversions increased by 115 percent using this technique. If you do not require a great deal of information or customization beyond the customer’s name, this may be the sort of movie that captures your consumers’ attention. Domino’s is not the only restaurant choice. Additionally, other firms have jumped on board and seen the light. McDonald’s, Red Bull, Zumba, Nike, Playboy, and Mastercard are just a handful of the brands that come to mind.

And, as the platform grows, once someone provides this information, they are not required to do so for subsequent films.

The first objective of any marketing campaign is to get recognised – accomplished! Personalized videos excel at this. Additionally, engaging films are shared and seen, boosting your favourable statistics. They may be quite humorous and engaging when used on social media, which increases conversion rates.

Rather than a single recipient, customization technology may be used to create films that are targeted towards a certain demographic, such as a business, industry, or sector. These films may feature the firm’s name, symbol, or department-specific language portions.

Understanding The Differences Between The Two Sorts Of Personalized Videos

Everyone appreciates being made to feel unique. To engage your audience, including information about the viewer, such as their name, company, or photo, in a customised video.

Personalization is critical for capturing viewers’ hearts. It increases open rates, clicks, and conversions, and with traditional and real-time customisation possibilities, you can do so on a large scale or on a very personal level, ensuring that your videos organically interact with your viewers on a personal level.

Personalized Videos May Help You Increase Consumer Engagement.

When we address our consumers by their first names, we establish a direct relationship with them. Can you imagine a film with their name in magazine headlines, on concert tickets, or on tattoos grabbing their attention? Alternatively, why not send them a text message, email, or link to their PayPal account? It requires some imagination and fairy dust, but the possibilities are endless.

If you want to be really specific, geo-targeting a client’s location via a map image or slideshow may be a lot of fun. This is an excellent way for real estate agents and vacation rental firms to increase their business.

How about your personal appearance? Yes. Additionally, we can accomplish this directly from your social network accounts.

Branded Videos Are Popular On Social Media.

These personalised films are easily shareable via social media networks. All of our films may be customised to fit your social media needs. Social media platforms include Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. I’m not even going to begin to explain the various ways in which customised films may be used to solve problems.

Personalized Videos Might Help You Build Stronger Relationships.

Attracting and holding your audience’s attention serves a bigger purpose: it facilitates the establishment of a relationship. Personalizing films enables you to connect more personally with viewers, which may result in a more favourable perception of you and your product or service.

Every day, we are inundated with hundreds of advertising. This makes it more difficult for marketers and salespeople to differentiate themselves from the competition, engage consumers, and develop enduring relationships. However, if you treat each prospect and customer like an individual, the customised video may help you stand out.

Not only should personalised video footage be unique, but it should also accurately depict a real-world debate. “Only when you feel as though you’re speaking one-on-one with your audience, as with personalised films, can your viewers emotionally connect with your business,” says Yaron Kalish, CEO of video customization platform Idomoo.

Both video and customisation are excellent methods for building relationships at scale in your marketing, and combining the two may expedite the process even further. A customised real estate film is an example of how you may use the prospect’s name, image, and geographic area to establish trust and enhance the relationship.

Why Are Personalized Videos So Beneficial To Small Businesses?

Personalization enables marketers to give consumers memorable and distinctive experiences as video marketing becomes more advanced. According to Business Insider, video customisation overcomes the “disconnect between growing expenditure on digital video advertising and the scant attention consumers devote to these adverts.” This implies that, rather than squandering advertising income on non-personalized films that can only be viewed for a few brief seconds before viewers lose interest, customised videos retain viewers’ interest longer due to the inclusion of specific personal data.

The greatest and simplest thing of creating a customised video is that you can use all of the data you’ve acquired about prospects and customers during the sales process. You may modify the video sequences as the connection strengthens and further data becomes available.

Consider the customised short films that Facebook creates on important occasions for its members. They are shared again and again by users because they are relevant and personalised, and the same is true for targeted video advertising. It is important to use acquired user data to enhance and tailor the experience.

When compared to advertising with generic thumbnails and non-targeted content, our tailored video campaigns outperformed those of our competitors. Individualized audience data (for example, names) included directly in the films grabbed attention and elevated the videos to a new level of prominence.

Because these marketing messages are so compelling, you may reduce your reliance on search engine optimization and other methods of visitor generation.

Personalized Fundraising Videos

Customized fundraising films are another area that we think will play a significant role in the coming years. Nothing pierces the curtain like a customised letter soliciting money for a local campaign, a national race, or a charitable organisation.

Want to learn everything there is to know about making customised films that give your viewers an “aha” moment? Visit Gibson Girls Marketing to learn more.

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