Is Earwax Affecting Your Hearing?

Is earwax affecting your hearing?: Where can I go to have my ear wax cleaned out?

If you have ear difficulties, a simple ear wax removal operation can nearly immediately enhance your hearing.

We employ a micro-suction technique. Unlike previous procedures, this does not entail injecting water into your ear.

A low-pressure suction probe is introduced into your ear to remove extra earwax and debris. Your earwax is eliminated swiftly and effectively thanks to this cutting-edge technology.

We specialise in micro suction earwax removal that is safe, quick, and comfortable.

We strongly suggest you consult with one of our expert audiologists as soon as possible. They will clean your ears and help you hear better.

is earwax affecting your hearing

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What if I don’t get my ear wax removed?

Your ears clean themselves. This means you don’t need to remove your earwax if your ears produce a typical amount of it.

However, if your ears create excessive earwax, it can accumulate and become trapped. This can cause unpleasant symptoms such as ear fullness, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), ear pain, and even hearing loss.

Can my primary care physician clean out my ears?

A government minister confirmed in September 2020 that the NHS would no longer provide earwax removal as a core service. This means that you may no longer be able to get earwax removed by your doctor, even if you previously did. As an alternative, private service, we provide earwax removal.

Methods of removing earwax that you should avoid

Swabs of cotton are used to clean your ears.

Because earwax is vital, you should not clean it too frequently. You can easily remove extra earwax with a moist towel. However, cotton swabs should not be used.

Although they appear soft, they are constructed of synthetic fibres that can scrape and inflame the delicate skin in the ear canal, leaving it more prone to infection.

If you believe your ear canal is clogged or has collected earwax, you should consult an earwax removal specialist.

Syringes for the ears

You may have tried this old earwax removal treatment many years ago. It entails injecting water into your ear with a hand-held syringe.

A.K.A. “The NHS’s Health and Care Quality Agency” no longer recommends this practice since it is potentially dangerous.

As a result, at Hidden Hearing, we exclusively use the most advanced micro-suction technology.

6 Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Hearing changes might be caused by earwax, but they can also be caused by hearing loss. Learn what to watch for by reading the six most prevalent indications of hearing loss:

Following discussions is difficult.

You have difficulty following group talks (or if there is background noise)

Conversations on the phone are hazy.

You have trouble following phone calls in both quiet and busy environments.

People appear to mumble.

You regularly request that others repeat themselves. Sounds are unclear, or people appear to be mumbling.

Sounds are challenging to locate.

You’re having trouble determining where sounds are originating from.

Tinnitus symptoms

Your ears are humming or ringing (tinnitus)

I mistakenly cranked up the volume on the TV

Your friends and family complain that you play on the television too loudly.

Is it possible to eliminate earwax at home?

Home remedies for eliminating earwax are not advised. We recommend seeing a doctor who has experience removing earwax to treat earwax safely.

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How can I tell if I have earwax?

The doctor can assess your overall hearing ability and check the pinna, ear canal, and earwax to identify the best treatment strategy for safely removing earwax.

Hearing issues, a feeling of fullness in the ear, tinnitus, or ear discomfort are all symptoms of earwax buildup. Examine your ears with a healthcare professional to see if you have earwax.

Is it painful to remove earwax?

Earwax removal should not be painful. An experienced earwax extractor will assist you in removing your earwax, utilising cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, new earwax cleaning technologies should only provide a minor sensation in the ear.

Is it necessary to eliminate earwax?

No. Earwax usually falls out on its own. Never put anything into your ear canal. However, if you have an earwax obstruction, you should see a doctor.

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