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These days, not only movie stars could afford them. No, were not talking of designer clothes and shoes. Were talking about personal fitness trainers that only movie stars and millionaires could afford in the past. But not now. These days, anyone whos a member of a gym can have a personal fitness trainer who creates a routine workout just for them. Most people who are serious about their fitness plans would insist on the services of a trainer on the grounds that a personal trainer provides the proper guidance and advice the individual of the needs in his/her exercises. He/she prepares a set of exercises that you can do in the gym and even at home. With a trainer, the individual is more focused on his work-out goals. There is someone who will encourage him/her and help point out the parts of the body that needs work-out and toning.

In these days, fitness courses are available in most fitness gyms

A basic package covers a trainers services for a specified period. With the help of the trainer, the body-building individual is steered clear of the traps, the groins, the thighs and the buttocks. The trainer would guide him/her through the bodys parts. This person can provide the corrective measures and suggestions in the event that something goes awry.

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What most people have in mind is to hire a personal trainer who can guide them along a set of exercises and make them feel comfortable throughout the workout. But, the package also comes with a variety of plans, and training methods that can help you build muscles, burn fat and tone your body. The most popular among them is the muscle building system. These plans offer an excellent, proven and effective set of exercises that can help anyone get the body he/she desires. These plans have been printed in almost all the fitness gyms across the globe, as they proved to be the most effective workout method.

* Muscle Building System:

This workout plan is the most common workout system in fitness gyms across the globe. It comprises of a number of exercises that can help you boost your metabolism and enhance your strength. These exercises are also effective in reducing fat and can help you lose weight. Muscle building systems are available in many different variations and have been devised by professionals to provide a proven and simple workout plan for body building. They are also very easy to follow. The most important of these exercises is squatting and the lunge. This is because, these exercises work on several different parts of your body, and thus are effective in getting your body fat percentage to fall.

* High Intensity Interval Training:

This method of training has been widely adopted by many bodybuilders as well as fitness professionals. This method is based on the notion that, workouts need to be done frequently. If a person is to maintain the same body shape throughout his/her lifetime, the workouts need to be changed accordingly. In such a case, it is important to change the workout plan on a frequent basis. The body needs to be trained regularly to ensure that it stays fit and healthy. If it is maintained over a long period, it would start showing signs of stress and could result in many unhealthy issues.

* High Intensity Interval Training 2:

does hypnosis workThis workout has been developed by a fitness professional and is based on the same high intensity interval training principles as the first one. The only thing that has been improved in this workout is the amount of volume. It ranges from 5 to 12 sets. The exercises used in this workout are the same as the first one.

All the workouts listed above are very simple, and their purpose is to get your body back to fitness level. You need to increase your exercise tolerance and keep up with the training program.

Bodyweight workouts have been extensively researched and are effective.

It helps in many areas of fitness, weight loss and muscle development. Bodyweight workouts also involve minimal equipment and it can be done at any time and place. If you wish to use a dumbbell, there are dumbbell racks and cable machines available in gyms. There are also many fitness products available in the market that can be done at home.

Bodyweight workouts are easy to do. So it has been designed to be more of an introduction for those who do not have the time or other commitments. These workouts are also very effective in making you fit, trim and in shape.

With bodyweight workouts, you don’t need to hire a personal trainer or go to the gym for those workouts. You can do it at your home with the help of these workouts and use all the free weights available in the market.

With body weight workouts, you also don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive fitness equipment. With the help of body weight workouts, you can get the same benefits as can get with the use of fitness equipment.

Body weight workouts are an effective and time efficient workout

Some of these workouts can be done even on your commutes. With body weight workouts, you can have a workout even when you don’t have a set of dumbbells or other weight training equipment.

The use of body weight workouts should not be limited to the gym, as they can be done at home and without using any equipment at all. With the training programs that have been researched and tested, body weight workouts is known to be effective in weight loss, muscle building and fat loss.

Body weight workouts are also suitable for those who have physical limitations and disabilities.

If you are looking for fitness personal trainers on the net…

You will come across many many health and fitness websites extolling the virtues of why you should hire a personal trainer to achieve your fitness and health goals didnt you? If you are reading this article of which you are doing now, you are probably surprised to find why a fitness personal trainer like me is telling you why you dont need one. You will probably think that I am crazy. Perhaps I am. Well, read on and you may discover that I am not as crazy as you think after all.

If you look at most of the advertisements you will notice a common theme: testimonials from satisfied clients. These are often people who made sure they used the services of a fitness personal trainer and experienced the results. I am sorry to say but if you havent experienced the results it is because you arent looking for the results. As a matter of fact this is probably one of the most common misconceptions about a personal trainer: that they can magically give you the weight loss and the better muscle definition that you want. The truth is that most of the results come from your lifestyle, your diet and your exercise.

A fitness personal trainer, is also there to assist you with your diet

Just like you, he has not get as fat after working out in the gym. Its also true that if you fail to take action after working out in the gym, your chances of gaining weight are high. If you can monitor your calorie intake and if you can take action on your calorie intake from day to day then you are just not destined to gain weight.

Lifestyle is the biggest factor, especially if you are on a tight schedule and need to take action quickly to accomplish your goal.

This is why so many people, who really want to build muscles and look better put the personal trainer in between the gym and the results. Just like us, he can not get rid of the days that you look like you are on a diet. But he can assist you to achieve the look that you want by giving you the right diet, the right exercise and the right lifestyle.

Personal trainers are not gods

They have limited time and they are just like us, humans who want to lose weight, gain muscles and transform themselves from being fat to fit.

He who pays with his life is the god. You want to have a life like that, well, you will get it. He is the one who decides if he has enough time to spend with you in the gym.

The truth is that if you are really a fitness guru, a god or an angel, then you don’t need a personal trainer.

You will know by yourself, if you have enough time to spend in the gym. But by spending just some minutes everyday, you will know that you have enough time to spend working out. You have a choice: be a fitness god or become a fitness personal trainer. The one who has more time decides if he can do with you.

If you are the god, you don’t have to waste your time training other people. Just go to the gym and do it yourself, and do it well. If you decide to be a fitness personal trainer, you will train others because you are their god, they are your friends and you want them to have a better life.

Think about it, it’s your money which is going to buy you time

If you decide to be a fitness personal trainer, then you are getting a piece of paper with your name on it, but if you are a fitness god, then you will get a piece of paper with your name on it, while a piece of paper with your name will get you only a piece of paper.

What makes you think you will be a fitness personal trainer? Don’t worry, I have some news for you: you won’t get rich. But if you decide to be a fitness guru, then your life will be a business.

But you, thinking that you will be a fitness personal trainer, will take this decision without my help

I can’t do anything for you if you think that way. However, I can tell you, if you will train some other fitness personal trainer who won’t help you, he won’t do anything for you.

* If you decide to be a fitness personal trainer, you’ll train many fitness personal trainers for the same clients.

* You will train many personal trainers who will give you the same training, but you won’t tell them that you are a fitness personal trainer and you’ll give them training from your heart, you’ll teach them techniques that are hard for them, but you won’t tell them that you are a fitness personal trainer.

A fitness guru, if he trains more than 2 people, he will provide them with a fitness god. But fitness gods will be the elite in his gym.

Don’t forget that a fitness personal trainer has one client per client and a fitness god will have 10 clients for the same service.

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