A Car Reveal Cover is used to conceal and then reveal a car in a showroom, exhibition, or stage setting. Our car reveal covers are made of full-color printed cloth and can be customized to match any vehicle size.

Simply input your measurements for a pricing estimate, then upload or create your design. The delivery time to you is about 3-5 working days.

Car Show Reveals

New model unveilings at car shows are often elaborate and lavish occasions, with the Car Reveal Cover serving as the supporting act before the show’s star is revealed.

Car Reveal Covers contribute to the whole experience and enthusiasm of prospective purchasers.

Car Launch Reveal Covers are important when the vehicle is set to be revealed to an enthusiastic audience whether you have a new model approaching release date or a concept car fresh off the manufacturing line.

Our covers have lately been utilized in some of the most renowned car exhibitions, including Detroit, Monte Carlo, Paris, and London.


Customer Handovers

Top car dealerships utilize our Car Reveal Covers after preparing a car for a client handover. Their coverings are often branded with the marque or the company name. The cover protects the finishing and helps to prevent any showroom scuffs or handprints before the client arrives to pick up their car.

The customer handover experience is substantially improved with a Banner World Car Reveal Cover.

Private Car Collections

Private collectors of historic vehicles utilize our Car Reveal Covers to protect their cherished belongings. Covers prevent dust accumulation and bug infestation.

Get Your Measurements

Typically, reveal covers are sized to drape over the car and onto the floor. You must supply sufficient length and width for this to occur. Simply measure the car front to rear and side to side with flexible tape or even a piece of thread to determine what size Car Reveal Cover you want. Measure along the outlines of the car as the cover will be draped over it.

Perfect for Different Sectors

We cater to a wide range of industries, including auto dealerships, football clubs launching a statue, and caravan and motorcycle launch events. We’ve also done enormous truck launches with massive covers. We also specialize in intumescent display reveal covers, which are mandated by law in specific galleries and locations. All venue fire retardancy criteria are met by our coverings. If you need to hide and then reveal anything, give us a call; we’ve done so many different events that we’re likely to be able to make it extremely easy for you.

Soft & Protective

Our cloth has a smooth, non-abrasive backing that has been carefully designed to be gentle on paint and bodywork after repeated use. To guarantee that our high standards are met, our quality assurance team inspects each cover before it leaves our facility.

Family members who are well-meaning but unskilled may also mark your car. Protecting your car takes the anxiety out of family life.

Car Reveal Covers

Inside vehicle reveal covers are designed to provide your car a beautiful and sophisticated look while protecting it from indoor hazards like dust and scratches, enabling it to preserve its sparkling beauty.

Do you desire a nice car reveal cover? We have a talented team that works around the clock to meet your needs. We really care about you, and we aim for 100% customer happiness. Our Inside luxury car covers are solely meant for inside use to give your vehicle, especially sports cars, a beautiful and sophisticated look, whether at an exhibition or vehicle presentation. These covers have been tailored to each client’s specifications based on the brand and size of the vehicle, and you can purchase them with confidence, knowing that they will give your vehicle the look you want.


Indoor luxury reveal covers include a variety of distinct characteristics and benefits, which include:

Luxury Look

This is one of the primary reasons why this cover is unique and suitable for showrooms. It gives the car a more attractive and appealing image, which is why it is suggested for automotive stores and exhibits. The car below seems smart and expensive due to its elegant look and feel.

Matt or Satin Finish

This will spark viewers’ attention as they wait to see the real thing. The silk finish is also meant to give it a modern look, which is ideal for the product reveal.

Exhibits and Presentations

The coverings are great for displays and showrooms because to their exposing function and gorgeous texture. The covers are intended to provide your car creative liberty while also making it stand out during a show. It’s ideal for concealing the car before to launch and building anticipation for the big reveal. It emphasizes on the vehicle’s look, accentuating each component and emphasizing the important selling points.

Designing Your Car Reveal Cover

Online banner

Banner World Car Reveal Covers are tailored to your specifications and printed in full color. Similar to making a banner, you may use your own design or utilize a free online design tool.

Your Reveal Cover might be basic or customized with your brand and message, making it ideal for pictures and video recordings.

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